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Soliart Glass Founder and President Peter Solis was born in Cuba in 1964. He developed his artistic inclinations at the famed Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, where he received a degree in Arts. From a young age Peter went on to work as a glass artist and designer.

Years of hands-on glasswork helped him to come to know and appreciate the complexities and capabilities of glass. He became passionate about the infinite creative possibilities of the medium. Glass – at once fragile and strong, sterile and malleable – can be formed, ground, carved, stained, etched, tinted, laminated, sculpted and dramatically lit.

Peter decided that his life’s work would be in creative glasswork. Driven to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind glass art solutions, Peter founded Soliart Glass. He could now apply his hard-earned master craftsman skills to the challenges and projects that he chose. Peter enjoys personally working on many projects along with his team of master craftsmen and artisans, combining hand-crafting and industrial processes, experience and intuition. Over the years, his reputation for creative solutions spread, and gave Peter opportunities to work with many different interior designers, developers, architects and builders. For one example, when an interior designer asked for advice with a challenge, a concrete column in the middle of an important room, Peter turned the problem into a featured piece of art. He wrapped the column in a unique sculpture of glass artwork.