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The Process

At Soliart Glass, we believe that our process is key to our reputation for great customer satisfaction. Almost anything can be created, any look or mood achieved, so it is important to start with good communication about what is desired.

Peter Solis makes this process easy. He talks with clients to gain a good understanding of what they have in mind. Peter listens carefully to a client about what he or she wants. He takes a careful look at the space where they want to put it to get a good appreciation of composition, colors and scale.

Then Peter will usually begin to sketch and make suggestions about how the art glass piece might be created. There are many options … carved glass, frosted glass, different kinds of glass, colors and treatments, various wood and metal components, how lighting may be integrated into the creation, and much more. It is this process of interaction and communication between client and artist – which may involve various explorations – that leads to the next step, a concept sketch. The concept is priced out with a quotation and, when appropriate, some material samples.

Once a client approves the concept and quotation, final designs are made to scale. Materials are purchased. The glass is cut, polished to size and prepared for sandblasting. Depending upon concept, the glass may be carved, coated, bent, decorated, fused, engraved, grinded, painted, assembled, and laminated. Finally, it is prepared for delivery and installation.